Do you know?

The ROI for every dollar spent on crane safety is a saving of about 400%.

As per the statistics by ILO, 2.3 million deaths occur worldwide due to work related incidents.

Around half of the fatal work injuries take place at construction industry followed by transportation & material handling and then manufacturing.


The overall crane safety training programe can help businesses in the selection of the right crane for the task, importance of trained & certified staff, effective use of product manuals, role of daily inspections & maintenance, importance of rigging & signalling in safe crane operations, mitigating potential hazards at the work place and coping with worker stress etc.

Our Master Class

Our 2-Day Live-Virtual master class training program can help everyone involved in the different aspects of crane operations whether they operate cranes or not. It will help create talented teams better equipped to identify potential hazards before they arise.


Event Overview

Moving large and heavy loads in any industry particularly in Manufacturing, Automotive, Storage, Heavy Equipment, Shipbuilding & Ports, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Power Plants and Construction Industries is made by means of various types of cranes. Cranes are indispensable machineries of modern businesses. They can also be the source of serious and fatal occupational hazards and huge financial losses to a Business. This is more tragic because they could have been prevented or at least mitigated with Crane Safety Management.

Much has been said and done about the Crane Safety. In the past some programmes talked about Regulations, some about Crane Safety, Some about the Audit, Some about Certifications etc. There has never been a programme which discussed and skilled people with a holistic approach covering all the aspects of Crane Safety and its challenges.

Crane Safety Challenges?

  • Impact of near misses, accidents, injuries and death on a Business
  • Government regulations, safety compliances, certifications, investigations, costs of compliance, and imposed fines
  • Equipment damage, failure, replacement costs, rental costs, and project delays
  • Increasing insurance premiums and litigation, legal exposure and expenses due to deaths or serious injuries
  • Dismantling after project completion
  • Constantly changing technology space

All these have certain hidden costs associated with Crane Safety Management.


Discover the full content of the master class training including sub topics, objectives, instructor and fee etc.

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Who Should Attend?

All Heads, Directors, Managers, Engineers and Operators who are involved in the following areas are strongly recommended to join this Virtual Master Class, including:

  1. Crane Operations
  2. Project Management
  3. Site Safety & Management
  4. Lifting & Material Handling
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Investigations
  7. Safety Compliance
  8. Safety Products & Training
  9. Safety Audits/ Inspections
  10. Technology Providers in Crane Operations
  11. Maintenance
  12. Crane Rental
  13. Old and Used Machinery

How we will deliver